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Today's Progress!

Apr 13

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Friday, April 13, 2012  RssIcon


We're now onto week 55 of Blockade Runner! The update of 0.55.0 should available Saturday night EST(-5:00), and yes, we're working on an in-game updater to make patching easier! No time estimate on it yet, but it is being worked on!


We've got a few interview questions that should be up on the reddit page tomorrow!

- Aaron


Today Nathan got most of the brunt code finished for placing and removing prefabs in a 6DOF environment. Modders, start your Blenders (or 3dsmax if you've got it)!

Placing the prefab in 6DOF

- Aaron


After a bunch of other tasks, I had an urge at the end of the day to model something real quick. The first thing that came to mind was a weapon I would love to have on my ship.

Micah's test rigs

Based it mostly off of the old sailing ship’s cannons but it turned out a little more like a Flak 88. Quick slapped on the Captain Chair’s texture and loaded it into Blockade Runner.

Micah's test rigs

Can’t wait to broadside some unsuspecting ship with these. :D Gonna be such fun.

- Micah


Gabe's preparing Blockade Runner for better mod functionality! With help from DayShine and others in the community, Blockade Runner will soon have two folders titled "Addons" and "Mods". User created content placed in "Addons" will be added ontop of the vanilla Blockade Runner, while user content in "Mods" would replace vanilla Blockade Runner content. The "Mods" button in the Blockade Runner menu will then allow you to select which mod or addons to use.

Early version of Dayshine's mod tools!

Early version of Dayshine's mod tools!

- Aaron


Making the Interiors was a lot of fun. It was the post-processing that was annoying because you had to make sure everything was in its correct spot and not bleeding or affecting anything around it.

*grins* A little while ago I had been a little smart-object happy and when I went through some older PSD files, I groaned at how many I had in one file alone. Now I use next to none smart objects and rely on layers and ingenuity because although smart objects were time consuming to go through, you able to get certain graphical affects that you just can't get with just simple layers. That's probably why they called them “SMART” objects ;)

- Terah


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