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Indev 0.56.0 is available! Key bug fixes, Wings/Blender support and more!

Apr 25

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012  RssIcon

Supporters can download it here!


New prefabs and a few key bug fixes are new in 0.56!

The humanoid movement and multiplayer are still being worked on, however we wanted to get everyone a quick update that will hopefully resolve some common issues reported!

New Prefabs!

A new chair, table, doors, engines, and even a refrigerator are placeable now in 0.56!

Blockade Runner screenshots from 0.56.0!Blockade Runner screenshots from 0.56.0!
Blockade Runner screenshots from 0.56.0!Blockade Runner screenshots from 0.56.0!
Blockade Runner screenshots from 0.56.0!

Blender & Wings3D Supported!

Artists can now import their .OBJ models from Wings3D and Blender (both free) to make their own custom objects in Blockade Runner!

Blockade Runner screenshots from 0.56.0!

Blockade Runner screenshots from 0.56.0!

For those interested in modding in their own prefabs, take a look at the instructions Micah's written up as well as keptin's video tutorial!



  • added over 10 prefabs
  • added refrigerator prefab
  • added engine prefabs
  • added table prefab
  • added chair prefab
  • added door prefabs
  • added Blender .obj model support
  • added Wings3D .obj model support
  • changed locations of existing prefabs to reflect their use

Bug Fixes

  • improved backface culling
  • improved crash on startups for older videocards(report crash on start ups here!)
  • fixed large entities so they'll save properly
  • fixed mirrored helm pads did not mirror
  • fixed miscellanious small bugs

Report bugs in the Bug Report thread, and stay tuned for further updates!

Bug Reports

We spent today pouring through 20 printed pages of user bug reports to get them organized. Felt a bit like Santa Clause with a "naughty" and "nice" list!

20 pages of bug reports organized!

We'd like to thank everyone for their reported bugs for week 54 and 55! It has helped us narrow the major bugs down quite a bit, and we hope you'll continue to report any new bugs you might discover in the latest bug reporting thread!


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