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Gist of the battle plan plus more tweets!

Jan 23

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Wednesday, January 23, 2013  RssIcon

As I mentioned the other day, the Twitter feed is the place to go right now for inside information on BR.  So if you're not following us on Twitter, then you're probably missing out on some goodies regarding BR's development, such as these tweets from January 14th!

Tweets on January 14th

@ZanMgt good to hear we are starting to get close to the update! are you guys still adding in building and mining with it?or decided to not?

@danielw18586304 After much deliberation over the holidays, we decided on a plan that puts our full efforts towards the 'living' starships.

@danielw18586304 The plan is for 6 months, at which point we'll reevaluate whether it's time to bring in the mining/crafting/looting portions

@danielw18586304 Ultimately this means faster focused updates and a solid plan on upcoming features! =D

Tweets on January 9th

@ZanMgt WHOAH, you guys are from Michigan? I just read your bio! I live near Grand Rapids! You guys just keep getting cooler and cooler.

@Toobatee Hahah yeah, we've found that many Michiganders seem to think alike and so we bump into fans from MI somewhat often. =)

@Toobatee Great to have another Michigander on board!

The Gist of the Battle Plan

In regards to the six month plan, the gists are:

  • Any sort of adventure mechanics (items, mining) are on a six-month+ hold, while 'living starships' (power systems, oxygen, weapons, etc) become the priority after this next major release and we return to the regular bi-weekly updates.

  • The all new multiplayer sandbox will provide an easy and reliable collaborative building environment (including the use of adv. editor's tools in multiplayer) closer to W28, as well as the ability to quickly switch between 'builder' and 'avatar' so you can perform crew battle simulations test out your ship, etc.

  • With Zack working with Nathan full-time, an emphasis will be made on cleaning up the past 90-something weeks of code and to make a transition from XNA to DirectX, vastly improving the game's visuals and performance.  Our goal being a solid, stable product you'd tell your friends about, by this six month development cycle or the next.

To reiterate in the event of confusion (of which I am prone to cause):

Items/mining/adventuring are not out of the overall game plan nor will they be bottlenecked out of possibility, the code is merely on standby until certain milestones are hit. We simply decided focused and concise development targets to reduce 'moving parts' was in order so we could put our full attention on the meat and potatoes of Blockade Runner.

Closing Comments

More tweets from a week or so ago will be on the way until I've got the main page caught up with the day's tweets.

As always, we all thank you for your support!  If you have any questions or concerns, give us a holler!


- Aaron

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