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Today's development update! (February 20th)

Friday, February 20, 2015

Today Gabe and I documented the basic sound API commands, PlaySound(), GetSound(), and GetSoundInst().  Need a little Fmod tutorial now!  Nathan moved on to his next little gem: finishing the chunk fusor.  It represents some of the last of the "undergr...

Micah's Dev Snippet: Targeting Components

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

In the current unity prototype I'm working on, we're experimenting with ship components and how they'll affect the combat gameplay.  Today, I'm going to talk about targeting specific components on an enemy ship!

To target a component, you'll need to sw...

Today's development update! (February 4th) [Feb Schedulin's!]

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Gabe and I went through and updated G's schedule for all of February.  This week is getting "Sounds.Play2D(Bank.Sound)" finished!  After that (and still during this week) is Sounds.GetSound(Bank,"Sound"), allowing you to skip having to make a custom .c...


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Results of your W60 vote!

Jul 23

Written by:
Monday, July 23, 2012  RssIcon


Below are the results of the vote, and we’d like to thank everyone for their vote during W60!  Your feedback helps us a lot, especially for finding development items that can be suspended so we can focus on the things important to you.

We’ve been doing ‘priority votes’ up until now, which works fairly well for a small static list, but it gets messier when you start adding in new things to the list and have to come up with an appropriate starting value to the item.

That said, with the next vote we’ll be trying something different!  Instead we’ll have you order your top 6 items, assigning them 10pts, 7pts, 5pts, 3pts, 2pts, and 1pts respectively.  This should hopefully be easier for you, and get us more accurate results!

The Results

    Top 10

  1. [BLOCKS] glass ( plates of glass available in all of the different angles )
  2. [WEAPONS] aimable turrets (so capital ships stand a chance!
  3. [GAMEPLAY] add docking bays to land ships into
  4. [PERFORMANCE] dramatically improve framerate with larger ships
  5. [GAMEPLAY] ships can break apart into pieces
  6. [BLOCKS] make plating & interiors appear around prefabs
  7. [CONVENIENCE] patch updater that doesn't require wyUpdate
  8. [GAMEPLAY] realistic thrusters returned
  9. [VISUALS] improve mipmaps (no more grainy/screwy ships from far away)
  10. [GAMEPLAY] oxygen and life support

    Top 25

  11. [GAMEPLAY] power generators
  12. [EDITOR] prefabs much less irritating to place
  13. [BLOCKS] more frame angles (1x1x1)
  14. [EDITOR] rotate/flip/spin prefabs with arrow or WSAD keys
  15. [GAMEPLAY] utility/power lines
  16. [BLOCKS] more frame angles (22
  17. [WEAPONS] new forms of weapon projectiles
  18. [EDITOR] more indepth schematic information for a ship (dimensions, weight, speed, etc)
  19. [VISUALS] ability to place lights inside the ships
  20. [GAMEPLAY] ramming damage
  21. [BLOCKS] half-width frame blocks
  22. [EDITOR] add more tools to editor
  23. [EDITOR] editor tool belt (assign blocks / tools to 1-9 keys)
  24. [VISUALS] thruster special effects
  25. [EDITOR] ability to flip/rotate entities in the editor

    Top 50

  26. [EDITOR] fix symmetry glitches
  27. [EDITOR] make symmetry fields remember their last locations when loading ships
  28. [GAMEPLAY] large explosions that can occur to finish off an enemy ship
  29. [GAMEPLAY] hp levels to armor, objects
  30. [GAMEPLAY] ability to build/mine in multiplayer
  31. [EDITOR] fix plating glitches
  32. [MULTIPLAYER] editor useable within multiplayer
  33. [EDITOR] paint bucket tool to fill entire sections with plating/painting
  34. [VISUALS] add shadowmap to the deferred renderer (casts shadows across the outside of the ship)
  35. [VISUALS] debri special effects
  36. [GAMEPLAY] generated asteroids to fly around
  37. [BUGS] editor's material bar icons sometimes disappear or are glitched
  38. [INTERIORS] simpler to use interior editor (point and click easy)
  39. [EDITOR] make adding/deleting blocks more instantaneous on larger ships
  40. [EDITOR] ability to swap skyboxes in editor
  41. [VISUALS] streaks in Space (to help show movement)
  42. [CONVENIENCE] ability to take in-game screenshots
  43. [GAMEPLAY] radar and sensors required to detect/find players
  44. [BUGS] fix Alt+Tab causing crashes
  45. [SOUND] improved sound effects
  46. [CONVENIENCE] editor streamlined and easier to use
  47. [OPTIONS] mouse sensitivity options
  48. [MODDING] externalize text ( game's in-game text made editable from
  49. [MODDING] more modding documentation
  50. [INTERIORS] interior tiles working on angles better

    Top 100

  51. [PERFORMANCE] compress brd's that are stored on hard drive
  52. [PERFORMANCE] remove 60 frames-per-second limit (may fix slowdown with newer videocards, allows 120hz monitors, etc)
  53. [CONVENIENCE] controls customizable in-game
  54. [BUGS] ship previews in the load screen centered properly
  55. [GAMEPLAY] chase / 3rd person view when camera attachments are available
  56. [GAMEPLAY] party system to setup alliance status / prevent users from taking your ship
  57. [INTERIORS] control over interior "high, middle, low" tile placement
  58. [EDITOR] more editor hotkeys (i.e. tools like symmetry etc)

Deciphering The Results

We tried several formulas to test the results, and every time Glass always seemed to hit at or very near the top.  Our thoughts are to focus on the character now and move our way up towards the starships, but we’ll certainly be taking this into consideration (glass is important for keeping oxygen in, no?) =)


Otherwise it does appear gameplay elements are still a major priority by everyone.  Which is good.  The question with the next vote will likely be “how much more important are character specific gameplay mechanics” to you?

Thanks again for voting!

- Aaron

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4 comment(s) so far...


Re: Results of your W60 vote!

nice ^^ though personally i would more like to have something to DO ingame so to speak...if that was there i would not mind waiting for the character stuff to be finished :P

By elvinblade on   Monday, July 23, 2012

Re: Results of your W60 vote!

"Nothing to do" is our first priority, and we hope everyone else agrees. =)

By admin on   Monday, July 23, 2012

Re: Results of your W60 vote!

don't matter what part of the game you work on mext its always gold when released

By C0r3y on   Monday, July 23, 2012

Re: Results of your W60 vote!

Yes yes, this data is very promising...

By Megarith747 on   Tuesday, July 24, 2012

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