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      Public Build: Week 71c
      Founder Build: Week 164
      Dev Build: 0.188.2 (11-14)

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Micah's Dev Snippet: Unity 5 and Crew On Ships!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Unity 5 is out! I've also finished roughing-in crews on ships for the upcoming unity release!

It took a little bit to get Unity 5 downloaded and installed due to some issues on Unity's website, but I ...

Today's development update! (February 20th)

Friday, February 20, 2015

Today Gabe and I documented the basic sound API commands, PlaySound(), GetSound(), and GetSoundInst().  Need a little Fmod tutorial now!  Nathan moved on to his next little gem: finishing the chunk fusor.  It represents some of the last of the "undergr...

Micah's Dev Snippet: Targeting Components

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

In the current unity prototype I'm working on, we're experimenting with ship components and how they'll affect the combat gameplay.  Today, I'm going to talk about targeting specific components on an enemy ship!

To target a component, you'll need to sw...


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Post Flu, Back In Action!

Jan 7

Written by:
Monday, January 7, 2013  RssIcon


The first Monday morning back at the office for everyone post-flu!

We've still got some post-influenza symptoms that'll we're told will last another week or so now, but all-in-all everyone's feeling a world's better and managed to get some good progress in!

New Video This Week

We're looking at probably (nothing solid) around Thursday/Friday for the new video, so you might want to subscribe to the YouTube channel or sign up for the newsletter to know the instant it's up!

Update On The Update

  • Very stable and strong re-build of the network engine has been the emphasis since W71 when Zack came to join us as the game's second core engine coder (Nathan alone had done everything before engine related before then).
  • We're in the "put everything back together" phase; the game has otherwise been virtually unplayable since W71 hence lack of visually descriptive news updates on the game itself.
  • Weeks, not months for the next update, to follow finally with a return to the bi-weeklyish updates we all know and love!
  • Over 100 improvements on the changelog, mostly bug fixes and general improvements.
  • During the holidays with Zack now a full-time engine coder we did some reflection and battle planning for the upcoming year.  Some decisions have been made for a 6-month battle plan that we'll have to go into deeper details with in a separate communiqué.

Closing Comments

Hit us up on the web chat IRC if you have any questions regarding the update and the battle plan!  We're available from 9:00AM EST to 5:00PM EST, and mostly only Alaric bites.

As always, thank you all for your support!

- Aaron


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Older Builds:

A look back at the builds from the old W71 version of Blockade Runner. Since then, an entirely new engine has been built and is undergoing debugging by the original supporters right now!

Niwantaw's Seanchan Shipyard

Use intuitive tools like the rectangle tool to build starships!

Arrow Class Long Range Bomber

Multiplayer was prototyped in W50-W71, with the upcoming W1xx update representing a rebuild of the engine built entirely for multiplayer.

Community Prefab by LordDarkHelmet!

More than just blocks, BR is being built to allow complex geometry to work in any direction. There is no "up" in space.

Inside the Lethan Freighter

"Interiors" in W71 allow rich details for corridors that automatically detail the floors walls and ceilings.

Terracotta Docking Station

Size is no obstacle; design a ship as big as your imagination! (Or your PC's RAM...)

Dwarven Landing Ship

The Symmetry Tool prototyped back in W59 makes symmetrical ship building a breeze.

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