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Jan 22

Written by:
Tuesday, January 22, 2013  RssIcon


I've taken on some of the simpler ends of code for BR to help Gabe out with the cleanup, so to spare me some time Twitter has become quite handy for putting out quick updates on all things BR.

A fan of Twitter I am not, however with Tweetdeck I'm finding it much easier and timely to make quick updates, so if you want to follow BR more closer, follow the Twitter feed please!

For those who'd rather not deal with Twitter, I'll try and update the news page here with conversations that occured and maybe expand on an interesting subject that comes up -- and, In the interest of completeness, it'll start from Jan 7th and be cherry-picked its way to today!

Twitter Convos (Jan 7th)


@Tobatee: Yay! Do me a favor and don't stop tweeting. I'm always happy to read anything you guys post. Thanks!

@ZanMgt: We feel we're going to be able to discuss more of what's going on now that the game is being put back together. =)

@ZanMgt: Otherwise up to this point it'd be a lot of "Today we did engineery bits" without going into how we solved the day's problems. =)

@Tobatee: gotcha. It's good to hear that you guys are reaching the tipping point when it comes to programming. Keep it up!

@Toobatee Yup, it happens eventually, although some features had to be put into stasis to make it happen. It's good for the game in the end

@ZanMgt just as long as you guys don't remove the core idea of the ability to build a "living ship" from the ground up.

@Toobatee [That part is] getting much, much stronger. =) It's what Infiniminer inspired us to do, and what we wanted since we were kids. =)

@ZanMgt great! That's one of the main reasons I think your game will be so cool. Zangmgt seems like a great company!

@ZanMgt can you tell me wether you guys are planning on having a level up system? Or kind of a-do it when you have the resources kindathing?

@Toobatee "Do it when we have the resources" for now. We like to theory craft on it a lot, but have to plan accordingly to our means. =)

@ZanMgt great! That's what I was hoping you'd say. Thanks!

@Toobatee Np, ask away if you ever have any questions. =)

Closing Comments

After the holiday's (and we were over the flu), you were probably missing quite a bit if you didn't follow the Twitter feed.  Also, I can't wait until the update is out and we can work on the new website again...

As always, we all thank you for your support!  If you have any questions or concerns, give us a holler!


- Aaron

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